The Sole Supplier provides the UK/Europe with news and release dates for exclusive sneakers. They wanted creative material to connect the passion of trainers that were all about the grime music scene.


Research was taken into the roots of sound system culture, and the underground pirate radio stations that helped mould grime music. Through this evolution, a definitive style was created out of it, such as Air Max 95 and tracksuit to be part of a crew.


This project is a celebration of grime, with the intention of praising a genre blasting out of London's housing estates, which is why there is an inclusion of Romanesque materials to put grime on a pedestal. Also, when creating the visuals for the range of trainers, I wanted to add lines of action, as if the shoes where on stage spitting the mic.


Positive praise from the client and the content was added to the front page of the website as a resource. The Grimeline was also featured on the GQ Magazine website.